Create breach-proof printing network for organization

Did you know your printers are one of the most vulnerable points to threat? Document theft or hacking the printers for critical information is some common scenarios in shared printing environment. Recognizing the need, HP brings to you completely secure printing solution that will solve security related issues in any work environment.

Buy HP color LaserJet A3 printer in Mumbai from Microart Systems to get comprehensive security and enhanced productivity along with most affordable printing solution suiting your needs.


  • Unsecured printers can open the entire network to a cybersecurity attack
  • Users can change device settings, access data, or send scanned documents anywhere
  • Too many confidential print jobs get left uncollected
  • Too many confidential print jobs get left uncollected
  • Security breaches or noncompliance can be costly, especially if customer data is compromised Mobile workers need to print wherever there are without sacrificing security.
  • IT needs tools to manage security across the fleet more efficiently

Thus, it is very significant for organizations to have an end-to-end security solution that can secure your device, data and documents. The solution is multifunction printers by HP. Let’s see how these printers are truly multitasking!

  • HP A3 MFP prints offer encryption to keep your data safe and integrated.
  • These printers gives you access control through PIN codes or Proximity Card Reader something similar ID card reader
  • The printer comes with Pull Printing Solutions, which helps users to print to the network, and then retrieve jobs to any solution-enabled device.